Hobart Power Chord

The power chord is held into the body of the slicer by a c-clip on the stress relief boot for the power chord.  My slicer seems to have a short in the chord and the stress relief boot is rather beat up/bent from abuse over the years so I decided to remove it and trim it a bit as well as replace the stress relief boot.  The only thing you need to do is mark which of the two black cables the power chord attaches to (I used electrical tape to mark the black to black wire connection), pull the c-clip with a pair of pliers or a flathead and then work the chord out.  The stress relief boot is not meant to be removed once inserted.  It has a flair which prevents the chord from being pulled out once installed along with the c-clip.  The flair is split into several sections.  Just take a small to medium sized flathead and push the flair in 1 section at a time while pulling it out.  It helps to have 1 person pull gently on the chord while you work the flair in but it can be done by yourself without too much fuss.  Here is a picture of the c-clip in an almost removed state:
Hobart power chord removal (Custom)

Here is a picture of the chord stress relief boot after it was removed:
chord end (Custom)

My goal is to put a 90 degree stress relief boot on it I can find one that will fit the diameter of the chord/hole in the slicer.